“It’s amazing how everything I’ve learned through sports such as teamwork, discipline, self-motivation, sacrifice and dedication all apply to the real world. The skills needed to become a world class athlete are the same skills needed to be successful in school and the corporate world.”

Kara Wolters


A great motivational speaker will share a message of empowerment to help individuals realize their greatest potential. Kara is one who has achieved her position in life through dedication and hard work geared to the task at hand. She has lived her message which has given her a great foundation from which to build her various speeches. Her talent for speaking has been utilized by basketball camps, many corporations, and schools-even Harvard.

People undergo changes and meet adversity on a daily basis. Kara is a motivational speaker who takes pride in her ability by delivering a strong message, reminding audiences that true strength is always found within.

“My message to people young and old is to believe in yourself and never let anyone say you can't do something. The sky is the limit; you just need to work hard and dream big!!!”

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